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TOM: monitoring unit for the tightening cycle.

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I need to print out the tightening results to include a report with the component which then undergoes subsequent working processes: is this possible?

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TOM supervises the tightening operations and helps operators; work is checked instantly and without any room for error.

TOM helps you to work more efficiently and more quickly, time wasted is cut to the minimum and performance is increased.

  • Immediate Start and<br>Set Up

    Immediate Start and
    Set Up

    Just a few seconds and TOM is ready to use. It starts up immediately and everything that appears on the display is easy to read and understand. The operator can therefore get straight to work and make the most of a system that is simple to use and set up, which checks the tightening operation in real time, avoiding the need for any post-process controls.

  • 35% time saving

    35% time saving

    If you want to work even more efficiently and quickly with TOM, just use it in conjunction with the automatic screw feeding screwdrivers in the EasyDriver range. That way, work cycle decreases by 35% and productivity increases: the return on your investment is guaranteed.

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  • Handy and quick

    Handy and quick

    Working comfortably not only brings positive results on the health of operators, but also on their work output. By connecting TOM to the telescopic arms equipped with a position detection device that allows you to work while maintaining correct ergonomics, controlling the various positions of the screwdriver on the different tightening points and so the working process is even more efficient.

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  • No more machine supervision

    No more machine supervision

    In the past, operators have always had to remain focussed on supervising the machine, but now that TOM takes care of all the monitoring, they can just supervise the overall process. The quality of the end product therefore increases, regardless of the abilities of the individual operator, and each component will be tightened to perfection.

  • Checking work shift efficiency

    Checking work shift efficiency

    Want to know how efficient a work shift has been? Nothing is simpler and more immediate thanks to TOM. At the end of each work shift a precise and complete report can be obtained, with all the exact statistics in order to check and keep production efficiency under control at all times.

  • Scheduling maintenance

    Scheduling maintenance

    Working with efficient tools makes the work quicker and better. TOM’s built-in counter for completed tightening operations keeps the operator informed of the number of cycles and so screwdriver maintenance can be scheduled to ensure they are always performing to the very best of their capacity.

  • No post-process controls

    No post-process controls

    The cost of post-process controls can be forgotten forever. TOM carries out all the checks in real time while tightening is taking place, and so there is no need to repeat them once the job is complete. This cuts down the number of steps and so the operator can work more quickly on the production batch, by not having to count the screws or checking the different sequences.

  • I need to print out the tightening results to include a report with the component which then undergoes subsequent working processes: is this possible?

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  • I have a particularly complex production line because it has light towers, alarms and piece clamping jigs: how can I add TOM?

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  • Must I purchase the Transducer?

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  • My operator often tightens screws that have already been tightened and so damages the components. Can TOM resolve this problem?

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  • How many screws can be used?

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  • Detecting possible errors

    Detecting possible errors

    A badly made product is a waste product. TOM prevents this happening because if there’s a problem during assembly, not only does it flag it up immediately, but it also provides the opportunity of halting the production line to prevent the faulty product from reaching the end of the production line. In essence TOM lets you intervene earlier, so you save time and economic resources later.

  • Poka Yoke System

    Poka Yoke System

    Poka Yoke is a Japanese term. Poka means error while Yokeru means to avoid. TOM incorporates this principle, i.e. it aims to identify the error already in the assembly stage before the product becomes waste and therefore a cost. TOM can therefore be used to facilitate true Lean Production, the philosophy that aims to minimise wastes until they are eliminated.

  • Release time management

    Release time management

    TOM recognises correct tightening even if the start lever is released early. The Time Off function is also incorporated which keeps the screwdriver locked once the screw has been tightened correctly, preventing the operator from executing a new tightening cycle immediately after the end of the first – that is activating the clutch again after the initial stop – and preventing potential damage to the component to be assembled.

  • Double pneumatic signal

    Double pneumatic signal

    TOM is different from other systems available on the market because, in the case of air screwdrivers, it uses two pneumatic signals: one to start the screwdriver and one to operate the clutch. This is a considerable advantage compared to Poka Yoka systems that only have one: the double control system ensures that TOM will work perfectly at all times and will not be affected by any changes in pressure. This problem does not exist in the case of use of eTensil electric screwdrivers.

  • Large display

    Large display

    Large display

    Knowing how the assembly process is progressing has never been so easy: just a quick glance at the display tells you immediately and clearly which program is running, which sequence is set, the number of screws to be tightened and how many out of the total have been tightened.

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  • Screw counting

    Screw counting

    Screw counting

    Next to the large display, TOM has another but no less important smaller one. It shows the number of screws left to be tightened, and so this number decreases as the process continues.

  • Feedback lights

    Feedback lights

    Feedback lights

    TOM uses green, red and yellow lights to continuously dialogue with the operator. These feedback lights signal that the tightening is correct, if there are any problems and the end of the cycle. By purchasing the tower-light the three signals can be programmed freely and associated with other functions like for example end of program, untightening or stop screwdriver.

  • Acoustic feedback

    Acoustic feedback

    Acoustic feedback

    As well as visual signals there are also acoustic signals. The beeps are triggered according to the tightening result: it’s therefore easy to know the status of the job and to carry out all the checks if a problem is encountered.

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